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On Keeping a Notebook: Sarah Gerard

0 Comments 29 August 2013

Here at CDS, we believe in keeping notebooks. Here, The Paris Review’s Sarah Gerard considers her own life, annotated: When I decided to move to New York to pursue writing, I took all of the notebooks I’d kept in high school out back of my apartment and burned them on the sidewalk separating my building from my [...]

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Fall 2013: A Class for Literary Journalists and Magazine Writers

0 Comments 07 June 2013

  The Documentary Writing Seminar (DOCST 111 / ENGLISH 111) is an intense, creative seminar in documentary writing and literary journalism, taught by Duncan Murrell, CDS’s writer in residence and a contributing editor at Harper’s Magazine and The Oxford American magazine. It’s one of the very few classes at Duke in the art and craft of writing great [...]

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The Future of Longform

0 Comments 19 November 2012

From today’s The past couple of years have seen a number of projects and publications launch offering long-form reads; in-depth articles that are perhaps 5,000 words or more in length. The New York-based Atavist started last year; BBC Future, the new technology, science, environment and health-focused site from, was unveiled six months ago; Aeon, a UK-based [...]

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News, Professor Diablo's True Revue

A Letter from Professor Diablo

1 Comment 26 June 2012

 Professor Diablo writes: This message was typed on a device powered by electricity taken from a grid distributing energy transformed by coal plants, nuclear plants, hydroelectric dams, wind farms, and solar cells. Power arrived at our station invisible to the human eye, uniform, predictably alternating its direction of flow, unmarked and indistinguishable moment by moment. We [...]

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